You are welcome in the world of agricultural technology(AgrioTec), where technology meets with growing healthy and productive crops through modern techniques


Our Application

You can take advantage of all the services provided by ArioTec through smart phones or online application

Amazing Features

Achieving the highest level of agricultural development and sustainability.

  • Periodic follow-up and management

    of the farmer's technical system and Managing the agricultural service operations relating to crops.

  • Developing the Agricultural Sector

    through the modern technical means and applications .

  • Providing fertilization programs

    appropriate for the farmer's agricultural environment, and the system's productivity factors.

  • Provide agricultural extension

    through modern technical system beside a group of experts and agricultural engineers.

  • Predicting the plant diseases

    Predicting the plant diseases and Insect pests that would harm the crops.

  • The functional applications

    of the agricultural engineering researchers in the scientific research through (AgrioTec), system.

The Team

Agriotec team includes ambitious leading specialist engineers that aim at developing the agricultural sector, which is one of the most important pillars of the Palestinian economy.

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Gaza - UCAS Technology Incubator
Behind Majid Pharmacy - 5th floor

About Us

AgrioTec Co is working to technically develop the agricultural sector for a better agricultural environment to attain food security, improve Palestinian economy, increase farmers' income, enhance land productivity and increase agricultural production. The company establishes highly specialized agriculture systems to support the Palestinian farmers and increase the agricultural productivity through modern technical means that would reduce the consumption of water pesticides and fertilizers. The system is connected to the Internet beside a group of experts and agricultural engineers to give opinions about agricultural sector.

Advisory Board

Executive Board